by acls online

by acls online

Enter the Millennium

Program Features:

- General Features:
1- You Can Check our News and Updates Directly
2- You can check our Current Events and Sign up in them
3- You can send us messages directly
4- You Can Know About Our Committees and about us

- Features for Faculty of Pharmacy Cairo University Users:
1- You can know about the History of the Faculty Till the present time
2- You Can Check the Faculty Map to be easily to know your Faculty and Inside of it

- Features for Clinical Pharmacy Cairo University Users:
1- You can use The Accumulative GPA Calculator, which only needs you to know the GPA of Each Semester
2- You can know about the Courses of All Semesters, the Elective ones, the required addition ones and the Courses that depend on other ones
3- You can know about the Graduation requirements and the GPA Calculation and the Grading System and much more things
4- You Can Enter the Official Faculty Site without using User Name or Password (No Hacking Process is involved)
5- You Can Reach Easily to our Student rooms on Facebook or on our website

All Of that and Much more Are Coming in that Program So Wait for It

System Requirements :

.NET Framework 4.0 Client.
Disk Space: 50 M.B.

Change Log :

Version : - 10.Sept.2013 :

The Full Release of The Program

Thank You :)

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