by acls online

by acls online

Advanced Pharmaceutical Analysis-Spectroscopy


Download Name Play Size Length
download Spectro lec02
31 MB min
download Spectro lec06
45 MB min
download Spectro lec07
25.4 MB min
download Spectro lec09
44.9 MB min
download Spectro lec11
42.5 MB min
download lec 1 spectro
31.6 MB min
download lec 10 spectro last lec
39.6 MB min
download lec 3.1 spectro
47 MB min
download lec 3.2 spectro
15.7 MB min
download lec 4 spectro
35.5 MB min
download lec 8 spectro
45.5 MB min

Download File Name Preview Size
DownloadSpectro.01-02 - Fluorescence Spectroscopy mam.pdf1.65 MBs
DownloadSpectro.03 - Flame Spectroscopy 1.pdf1.11 MBs
DownloadSpectro.04 - Refractometry - K [Recovered].pdf508.4 KBs
DownloadSpectro.05 - Polarimetry F - Copy.pdf846.15 KBs
DownloadSpectro.06 - Photodiode array detector (PDA).pdf763.61 KBs
DownloadSpectro.07-08 - Spectrophotometry.pdf852.11 KBs
DownloadSpectro.09 - Mass and IR Spectroscopy.pdf1.36 MBs
DownloadSpectro.10 - Proton NMR.pdf1.56 MBs

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